Clicking on Youtube Video Doesn’t Pause

Why did YouTube remove the ability to pause by clicking on the video?

It may be your device’s temporary glitch or a small issue with the YouTube app that it is stuck. Try to log out, clear cache/history, try a different browser, try a different device.

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YouTube is an amazing app to watch on a mobile device. It has plenty of YouTube videos that you will never know how much time you spend watching videos.

However, with all good things, there are issues, and YouTube videos encounter issues, such as the YouTube pause button.

Clicking on Youtube Video Doesn’t Pause

What Is the YouTube Pause Button?

Watching videos on YouTube allows you to control the playing videos. It is to tap the pause button for the video to stop and take a pause.

You can also go back or forward by dragging the process bar. Once you tap on the pause button, you can use the process bar appearing below.

The pause button does not stay and goes away as you tap on the video playing to continue. At the same time, the process bar also disappears within a few seconds.

However, they do not move at times, and the pause button does not disappear.

Why Does Not YouTube’s Pause Button Disappear?

Several factors have resulted in YouTube hiding the playing videos overlay buttons.

The problem is that it does not disappear. It may be your device’s temporary glitch or a small issue with the YouTube app that it is stuck.

As a routine, YouTube hides the overlay buttons such as play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward, on playing a video.

If the buttons appear up, tapping the video in another clean area is enough to hide the buttons.

It will go within the background. However, it does not happen for some viewers.

Here are a few methods for resolving the YouTube pause button disappearing:

Close the YouTube app forcefully

Closing forcefully YouTube is enough to restore the behavior of overlay buttons, especially if it is a temporary disruption.

On iPad or iPhones, swipe from the screen bottom-up and pause on the screen. 

Double-clicking the home button reveals the applications, so locate and swipe up the YouTube apps review.

Android may follow Force Stop functionality, and it terminates the background app. Follow these steps:

  • Tap the info icon holding the YouTube icon.
  • Tap on the Force stop icon
  • Select the OK and confirm to proceed
  • Tap to relaunch YouTube and open

Now you can see the pause button on YouTube hides on playing or tapping the screen of the player.

Chance the settings of YouTube accessibility ( only Android)

The YouTube app on the mobile for Android devices features the option of accessibility and allows users to control video playback.

They can interact on their devices with onscreen elements. If you find the overlay buttons fading:

  • Disable the accessibility option to the players
  • Configure to hide the YouTube player controls after a time

You can disable the built-in accessibility option for Android from the settings menu. To make the pause button on YouTube disappear while it is playing:      

  • Launch YouTube, tap at the corner top-right or the profile picture
  • Select settings, accessibility, toggle the player option of accessibility

Using the accessibility feature, you can set a timeout within YouTube for player controls or from the setting menu of the device.

Go as (YouTube > Settings > Accessibility), and tap to hide the player controls.

You can select from the preset options the preferred timeout. The timeout maximum from the button control is 20 seconds within the YouTube app.

Extend it to enjoy built-in accessibility settings from Android.

On the option of Hiding player controls, use the device setting. Open the Settings app, and select accessibility and timeout.

Select on the screen player controls before fading into the background.

Clear Cache Data from YouTube

The temporary files are the Cache files. They appear on the device. Although cache files help applications perform better and faster, they ultimately lead to hiccups.

However, deleting the junk files may resolve complex and simple performance issues.

If the pause button in YouTube is not disappearing, even after modifying the setting of accessibility, you may clear the cached app and check again.

You may press the YouTube icon as long-press and tap the icon of info, select storage and cache, and tap on the clear cache icon.

Update YouTube

Malfunctioning mobile apps, if bug-ridden or outdated, is possible.  If the YouTube app component is not working on your device properly, check for some pending updates.

Go on the Google Play Store YouTube page for Android or iOS for the App Store and tap Update.

Reset YouTube

It is the same as reinstalling and uninstalling the app. You cannot uninstall on Android the YouTube as it is a part of the system app.

You can reset the app to factory default and consider re-update using the Play Store. 

That will help eliminate causing bugs on the overlay button to stop disappearing. You can find the info page of the YouTube app featuring a three-dot menu icon.

Select uninstall updates and ok. Wait to uninstall YouTube updates on the Android device, restart the device, and re-update from Play Store the YouTube.

Update Your Device

Device updating is good, especially if you have difficulties using apps. If you have tried all the above-mentioned things to work on the overlay buttons of YouTube and it is not disappearing, you must check on your device for any update available.

For Android, go to Settings > System > System update, and for updates, tap Check.

On iPhone and iPad, go to Settings > General > Software Update and wait to check for the device to go through new Android updates.

Pause at Liberty, Take Control

Final Thought

YouTube channel has high-quality videos that viewers keep increasing to this channel, and the app works the best even on phones.

YouTube pauses to check a new video to ensure the least intrusion.

The pausing of videos on YouTube when you are watching is annoying, but it will fade away. There may be a pause in videos, but it is easy to resolve the issue.

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