Liking Your Own Comment on Youtube

Does Youtube Punish You for Liking Your Own Comments

Punishing for liking your comments is not true. YouTube has no restriction to like your comment. Anyway, there is no way to see the person who liked your comment on YouTube.

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Youtube is a place that allows users and creators to interact and react. Thus, creators and viewers seem to give likes, dislikes and show reactions.

However, everything is under copyright protection, no matter, whether it is content or a video.

Posting or using a video or content without the original creator’s permission is a punishable offense.

Liking Your Own Comment on Youtube

What is it to punish for liking your own comments?

Punishing for liking your comments is not true. YouTube has no restriction to like your comment.

Anyway, there is no way to see the person who liked your comment on YouTube. Similarly, there is no option to see if anyone gave you a downvote.

The likes or dislikes comment on YouTube is kept private to keep the users safe and secure.

However, it is the same with people who left positive comments. You do not know who left a positive note for your comments.

When someone likes on YouTube your comments, there is a point coming as a reward just below the comment, and each like is counted as one point.

However, the likes and views are important. The limes are not redeemable, and it does not offer monetary benefit.

YouTube does not deny you from liking your own comments because liking your own comments is something of your choice.

It appears amateurish and seems a bit pathetic at times.

It looks like people are insecure, looking for love, or are inexperienced in online etiquette that they favor this style of liking their own comments.

YouTube asks to bring other people that are more traffic to like your video and your comments.

If you cannot get more people to like your comments, it means you should reassess the video rather than give likes to your own comments.

What is the other fact about liking your own comments?

The other fact about liking your own comments is people believe that it is your own comments, and if you do not respect yourself, how will others respect you?

It is a strong belief that you can like your own video and give at least one like.

The others watching your video will later decide to give a like or not. It is best to get more likes and enjoy the approach.

Another reason is the algorithm of YouTube. If the number of likes is more for your video, it has all the possibilities of coming to the suggestion and search list.

It also gives you a chance to increase the probability by increasing the first liking of your own.

After all, you created the video with lots of effort and confidence. What is the harm in appreciating your own video and giving a liking to it?

It is a sense of appreciation, and it is not the right approach if you cannot give a like or click a like button to your own creation.

Liking my video on YouTube, is it normal?

Yes, it is normal to like your own videos. Many successful YouTubers practice this to increase their engagement and views.

However, you must remember that you must not be too spammy or self-promoting, showing that you are providing your viewers with the most valuable content.

The truth is you are not paid for your views. Though it is acceptable to like your YouTube videos, it is also a general strategy to like your video.

Liking a video is the quickest way of letting a video creator know you are enjoying their video or work.

Liking a video means it gets included in the playlist of liked videos. Even if you are not an ardent video fan, disliking is a way of revealing your opinion.

Social networks promote posting. It is why users excited about posting express their excitement by liking their posts or comments.

So YouTube does not say no to creating or liking your own comments. It does not want to create any sort of friction for users, nor does it wants to hurt the platform.

Liking your own comments or videos does not seem to have any negativity, and you do not gain monetarily directly from the like.

At the same time, alike is to help filter the content for sharing the stuff or for your preferences to show support that you receive.

However, when you give a liking to your own post, none of these applies.

With YouTube, liking your own comment or video is a safe secret. YouTube does not show who likes or dislikes your video or comments.

Thus, these likes stay private and are a safe choice to have a positive comment.

With a like, only the buttons of the like change, and the viewer identity is not revealed even to the channel owner, you. Besides, you also do not receive any notification.

Is it weird to like your own comments?

Liking your own comments receives a disgusting reaction from some people. It is because they believe that only because you like it, you post it, and so liking the post has no doubts.

Obviously, you like that you posted; if not, you will not post it.

Many find it unnecessary. A general rule is if your audience’s big portion views it as uncouth, avoiding it is the best.

But, at the same time, even if one person thinks your way and says it’s okay, go ahead.

It is weird to like your own comments because the act of posting indicates you like it. So, why add a liking for your own comments? It looks obviously sad.

Final Thought

Liking your own post gives the extra nudge of engagement. It is nice to see one like on your post, which certainly draws attention to it.

Accordingly, having more followers is better.  The idea is to have a natural account.

It is not necessary to get driven by social media validation that allows you to feel better by lying to yourself.

Get of likes. It is not going to make you important or special; You already are.

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