Clicking on Youtube Video Doesn’t Pause

Why did YouTube remove the ability to pause by clicking in the video? YouTube is an amazing app to watch on a mobile device. It has plenty of YouTube videos that you will never know how much time you spend watching videos. However, with all good things, there are issues, and YouTube videos encounter issues, … Read more

Does Youtube Cause Viruses

How to Get Computer Viruses from YouTube Videos YouTube is a popular platform featuring tons of videos.  There are lots to watch, learn, and enjoy through the YouTube videos. Getting YouTube viruses is through different malware targeting users. However, there is no need to worry about getting the YouTube Videos viruses on your computer by … Read more

Reading Books on Youtube Copyright

What is the legality of creating YouTube videos of yourself reading books? Reading books is a hobby or passion. Creating YouTube videos of you reading books comes under copyright.  An exclusive right is with the book writer. Reading a book aloud or showing it in a video form is a derivative work. The copyright owner … Read more

Watch YouTube Premiere Early

YouTube Premiere allows viewers and you to watch and experience together with a new video in real-time. It is about creating a buzz by sharing the video watch page for your Premiere. It allows the viewers to set chat and reminders, and on watching it they leave comments. What is to watch YouTube Premiere Early? … Read more

Liking Your Own Comment on Youtube

Does Youtube Punish You for Liking Your Own Comments Youtube is a place that allows users and creators to interact and react. Thus, creators and viewers seem to give likes, dislikes, and show reactions. However, everything is under copyright protection, no matter, whether it is content or a video. Posting or using a video or … Read more

Youtube Unsubscribe Bug

Does You Tube Automatically Unsubscribe Users YouTube is a prominent channel with lots of viewers and subscribers. YouTube does not automatically unsubscribe users. It is a highly used and viewed channel, and the number of subscribers enrolling is in high numbers. YouTube is serious about its user’s unsubscribing and does not do it automatically. What … Read more

YouTube Lag Android

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Is Reposting Youtube Videos Illegal

Is it legal to repost a YouTube video on YouTube? YouTube videos are popular and most liked by viewers.  However, it is understandable that people love it so much that they wish to repost the same YouTube video on their YouTube. It is not legal. Reposting a video is perfectly acceptable from another channel, but … Read more

How To Find Liked Comments on Youtube?

How to see YouTube comments I’ve liked? YouTube comments are the most interesting part as it allows one to express their viewpoints. The importance is in the message you convey. Now, if you want to see the YouTube comments that you liked, it is a ‘Sorry.’ You cannot see the YouTube comments that you once … Read more