Is Reposting Youtube Videos Illegal

Is it legal to repost a YouTube video on YouTube?

You can repost YouTube videos that have a Creative Commons license unless you have the creator’s explicit permission. The only way to do this is by using the YouTube Editor. To find these videos, go to the CC-icon page and click on the search bar. This will bring up all of the CC videos available on YouTube.

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YouTube videos are popular and most liked by viewers.

However, it is understandable that people love it so much that they wish to repost the same YouTube video on their YouTube.

It is not legal. Reposting a video is perfectly acceptable from another channel, but not a YouTube video on YouTube.

Is Reposting Youtube Videos Illegal

Copyright rule

Creators are the only people to upload videos. It is because they have made it or have the authorization to use their videos.

It means they should not or cannot upload videos that are not their creation.

No one can use content in his or her videos that are the copyright of someone else, such as snippets or music tracks.

These have the copyright of another user who created them.

Adding a video on YouTube from some other channel is agreeable. You can also set it public for your followers to see it.

Nevertheless, you cannot use someone’s video on your YouTube as your own.

There are rules to follow and are known as fair use rules. YouTube guidelines are put in jeopardy of your account if you use their YouTube video after watching it.

How can you do it legally?

Reposting YouTube videos, legally is possible with a Creative Commons license, by using the YouTube Editor.

It means you must go to that particular page and click on the icon “CC,” to search on YouTube for all the CC videos.

With a regular standard license, you cannot repost the YouTube video. You must get explicit permission from the creator to repost a YouTube video on YouTube.

However, it is legal to repost a YouTube video on YouTube, if you have the copyright of the video or if the video appears in the public domain.

If a video is in the public domain, it means the video is not under the cover of copyright protection.

It is also possible that the copyright protection expired, or it is that the creator forfeited the copyright and wanted it to be available to the public.

If so, anyone can use the video without seeking permission.

Is reposting a YouTube video on YouTube wrong?

Yes. The copyright of the video is mostly belonging to some person, and reposting it without seeking their permission is wrong.

It indicates that you are infringing illegally on the rights of the other person, the video creator.

If you repost a video even from another channel to yours, it can get you caught as a copyright claim.

The video owner is the creator, and you can post it if the owner permits you to use it.

However, most people do not repost it directly. It is because they add to the video elements.

They may wish to edit the video or consider reviewing the video. Thus, reposting a YouTube video is not a sound decision or idea.

You cannot use any content or YouTube video of someone else’s without his or her permission.

It is an illegal copyright infringement, and you have no right to do anything.

Can I never re-upload YouTube videos?

If you wish to re-upload YouTube videos and earn money by re-uploading videos of other creators, the tips are:

  • Look for free copyright videos, and you may reupload the same videos to YouTube.
  • Before uploading, seek permission from the video owner and upload to your channel on receiving a Yes nod.
  • Filter out Youtube the creative commons videos, download them, and edit the video before uploading it to your channel.
  • Make a reaction video. These are under fair use, and it means you can use the contents of other people by recording or placing your reaction to that video.

Yet, it is best to produce your content for the YouTube channel. Qualifying on the program YouTube requires you to earn from Google Ads.

It requires 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. It means your users must help you reach that quota as an appreciation of your content.

Only then you can earn from YouTube.

Are the Creative Commons helpful?

Free videos facilitate using them as they have permission, such as a ‘Creative Commons’ license.

It is on YouTube. Bear in mind that YouTube will never draw audiences in enough numbers to hit monetization metrics.

It is because 1000 people will subscribe to you to see the content on your channel when they can see it somewhere else, or it is also possible that they have already seen it.

An important point to note is that you cannot find video content to download for your monetization.

In case you find video content, you must download it from the YouTube channel of somebody else, record it, or consider audio streaming.

The next step is to edit the video, upload it on your YouTube channel, and monetize it through AdSense.

Do YouTube robots find copyright infringements?

A YouTube video receives prominence, and whether it is inadvertent or intentional, the content of other creators is sometimes very interesting.

They are used as YouTube videos. It is a breach and does not hide. Sometimes this breach goes unnoticeable, or the original creator does not detect it.

However, there are YouTube robots that refine the detection system. This system finds the infringements faster than ever.

The YouTube copyright detection system refinements include algorithms to scan every video uploaded and compare them to similar content uploaded.

The sophisticated algorithms match the video, music, or pictures with uploaded content. The first thing that comes into detection is the music.  

If so, YouTube immediately blocks the video, and you are supposed to submit a dispute form.

Final Thought

Permission is necessary to repost a YouTube video on your YouTube channel. You must get permission from the video’s original owner if you plan to repost the same video.

Besides, you must also send them 50% of the money that you earn on your channel from the reposted video.

It is necessary to pay as it belongs to the video’s original owner creation.

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