Watch YouTube Premiere Early

It is not possible to watch YouTube Premiere early. You have to wait for the video to get on Premiered on YouTube.

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YouTube Premiere allows viewers and you to watch and experience together with a new video in real-time.

It is about creating a buzz by sharing the video watch page for your Premiere.

It allows the viewers to set chat and reminders, and on watching it, they leave comments.

Watch YouTube Premiere Early

What is to watch YouTube Premiere Early?

The improved technology has introduced innovative people to YouTube. They wish to come with prerecorded videos, spoilers, and a lot more to offer a new experience.

The YouTube Premiers present a combo of traditional videos on YouTube and live streams.

It is the same as a regular YouTube video requiring you to pre-record your video.

The same is with a live stream that allows you to play live recordings with live chat and donations. It is a YouTube-based TV appearing on the set airtime.

The feature of YouTube Premier is crucial as it announces the time it will go live and shows in the audience feed an announcement. 

This announcement of the video is sent before to the audience, giving them enough time to tune in to watch the video.

As the video is premiering, viewers can chat with each other like any live stream.

The viewers can chat with the creators or among themselves. They can hop in to interact while chatting with the live video. 

It also offers the possibility of receiving donations on opening a new avenue. The donation from your audience for the YouTube creators is an opportunity to earn from their content.

Can we watch YouTube Premiere Early?

The new addition of YouTube allows watching and sharing videos as YouTube Premiers.

However, it is not possible to watch YouTube Premiere early. You have to wait for the video to get on Premiered on YouTube.

Besides, such videos cannot get downloaded directly once they upload. There is a waiting period of a couple of days.

Premium users may have the access to YouTube videos as an early bird so that they download music and videos easily and listen to and view them while using the app.

Downloading playlists and videos offline or if you do not have an internet connection is impossible.

With the premium YouTube account, you can watch the YouTube Music app or the auto-downloaded videos in the kid’s YouTube app if you have signed up for these apps with your YouTube Premium account.

Even then, it requires the video to go public. The content provider should make it available public to download something.

There is no way to watch YouTube Premiere early.

How to get the most from YouTube Premiere

You can customize your Premiere and get the most from it. Choose a different theme for the countdown, monetize the Premiere, or show some trailer.

Choosing a different theme for the countdown is possible by following these steps:

  • Upload a video from the YouTube studio
  • Using the “Visibility” step, you may schedule a Premiere and upload
  • Click to Set up as Premiere.
  • Under the option “Select countdown theme,” you may choose a countdown timer.

You and your viewers can see it two minutes before the Premiere starts. A live video counts down. It indicates when your video will Premiere.

Show a trailer – This is where your live audience learns about your upcoming video on the Premiere page. The trailer will play on the watch page for the viewers before the start of the Premiere. To get the trailer, follow these steps:

  • Like any regular upload, you may upload the trailer to the YouTube channel
  • Upload the video to Premiere from YouTube studio
  • Schedule a Premiere from the Visibility step
  • Click on Set up a premiere
  • Click Add under ‘Add a trailer,’ and select your trailer

Eligibility- This feature is available to creators having more than 1000 subscribers.

Requirements are:

  • You can use any YouTube-supported video type.
  • Ensure the trailer does not infringe on other contents
  • The length of the video is from 15 seconds to 3 minutes.
  • The resolution and aspect ratio is the same as the Premiering video
  • Ascertain, there is no content to violate Community Guidelines.

How to use YouTube Premieres

Premieres announce the time they premiere on the channel, and it appears in the feeds before going live.

It allows the viewers to set a reminder a few minutes early. The premiere is a sort of YouTube-based TV show that goes with set airtime. 

It includes no other viewers as spoilers, and you cannot skip ahead. It works as the live streams and is saved to the channel after Premiering. 

Once the Premiering is done, it looks like any normal video, and anyone missing the event can watch it as any other normal YouTube video.

The new direction in YouTube makes sense as they offer television-like content. The Premieres change the entire dynamic on the site of viewer interaction.

Premieres on the site make the new videos a community experience and enjoyable for the creators and viewers.

How to Use Them

A YouTube viewer wishing to see the YouTube Premiere should tune in as the video starts. 

You may also set a reminder as a notification to appear so that you do not forget when it premieres.

However, there is a countdown time of two-minute before starting the video. It allows everyone to settle down to watch the YouTube Premiere. 

However, it does not show up immediately in the video like live streaming.

A premiering video allows chatting and sending super chat donations, the same as any regular live stream.

The interesting part with Premiers is the uploader can interact with live chat. The chat does not stop even if the creator is with viewers as the stream is on.

Final Thought

YouTube users can watch YouTube Premiere by setting a schedule for a specific time to watch the videos. 

Yet, one thing is for sure it is not possible to Watch YouTube Premiere Early.

The Premiere feature lets your audiences know the exact time to expect your videos and watch them live.

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