YouTube Lag Android

Has the YouTube app been laggy for other people?

Slow Internet speed, the device’s age, the network, and the number of activities running in the background may cause YouTube to lag. Your device may also have some cache that is not cleared. Sometimes, installing updates and shutting the device down can help solve the problem.

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YouTube is next to Google, the 2nd largest search engine.  It receives an upload of over 100 hours per minute of video.

It is the best way of reaching the audience on a wider cover, no matter whether you provide information or promote programs.

However, no one likes when it is laggy.

YouTube Lag Android

Why is the YouTube app lagging?

For Android and iOS, mostly, the issue is related to YouTube App. It might be stuck, and the cache needs to be cleared.

For desktop, A browser overloaded may cause lagging. In case you have opened at a time too many tabs, you may close and play the videos again.

You may also update the chrome browser to fix the lagging of the YouTube app.

For instance, when you are busy watching a YouTube video critical moment, and suddenly, it starts lagging, you will lose patience and cannot afford to wait.

It is an annoying experience. However, instead of getting annoyed, learn to fix the YouTube lag and enjoy watching the YouTube app without issues.

How to fix the YouTube video lagging issue

YouTube is for entertainment and is the right place to look for favorite videos. Conversely, the last thing you wish to see is YouTube lagging and loading slowly.

Now, the question arises is YouTube been laggy for other people? Are the videos loading slowly?

Here are a few ways to fix the lagging part:

You may not understand why the YouTube videos are lagging or are not loading, though the internet connection is good.

It is a frustrating experience, but it is best to learn to fix the problem and eliminate the YouTube videos lagging issue:

clear the cache

As the first step, clear the cache from your browser. There may be temporary data in tons.

It is the reason you experience the lagging issue. Clearing the cache is possible by following these steps:

  • Click on the Chrome menu icon for the 3-dots.
  • Go to More Tools and click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • On the next screen, choose All-Time. It will provide a Time Range.
  • Click the button Clear Data to remove the cache images and cookies from the browsing history.

Thus, you can get rid of the cache from the browser and enjoy playing the YouTube videos.

You will experience no laggy problems. The buffering and loading issues are fixed.

buffering experience

The next is when the YouTube loads slowly; you experience a laggy or buffering experience.

It is a ruining experience when the YouTube videos start lagging.  It is due to overloaded servers.

There are over a billion views on YouTube, and this platform has a robust infrastructure that it is not easy to get overwhelmed by heavy traffic.

However, if you notice your internet has no issues and is working smoothly, it means it is experiencing traffic issues.

outdated flash

An outdated flash may be one of the reasons for the YouTube app becoming laggy. 

The Flash powers YouTube videos as it is designed for interactivity and animation.

However, if your Flash is outdated, you will experience buffering or laggy experience with YouTube videos.

Internet issues

With bad internet issues, you may notice horrible video lagging issues. The internet signal quality is important for your Wi-Fi or cellular network.

If many people share Wi-Fi, there will be YouTube laggy experience.

The option is to restrict the number of users at a time so that you enjoy watching YouTube without laggy issues.

video quality settings

Change video quality settings. Lagging of YouTube videos is a result of your poor internet connection.

However, if your internet connection is perfect, yet there are YouTube videos lagging issues, it may be due to overload on the YouTube servers.

You can wait to get to normal or switch on YouTube videos to lower quality settings.

Automatically YouTube will adjust the video quality depending on the internet connection.

You may experience lower video quality if the internet connection is slow. Thus, you can change the settings of the video quality manually, following these steps:

  • Click on the quality to select a lower-quality setting. If there is a laggy experience while watching the YouTube video, choose a non-HD lower setting.
  • The root cause may be the slow network speed to cause YouTube lagging. If the local internet service provider controls the speeds and bandwidth for downloads, you may experience lag. You may contact the internet service provider and seek assistance.

Update drivers

Using a computer means there is a possibility that the Display adapter drivers are outdated.

These drivers with recent YouTube updates make the drivers incompatible, making the YouTube videos lagging. You may follow these steps to update the drivers:

  • Click right on the start button and go to the menu to select the device manager.
  • Expand on the device manager and the screen display adapters. Right-click and select the Graphics card to update the driver.
  • Click on the search automatically on the next screen to update the driver. It will take a few seconds of waiting time as it installs and searches the latest driver. With updated drivers, you may restart and check to see if the lagging of YouTube videos is eliminated.

Re-install latest version

Re-install the web browser’s latest version. There may be corrupt problems that your web browser is facing.

It means the YouTube videos will lag. If you have an outdated web browser, the possibility of experiencing compatibility issues is higher.

With the latest plug-ins and web browser, performance may improve. With an updated web browser you can see the browser running smoothly.

One solution is reinstalling the web browser and fixing the lagging problem.

Final Thought

YouTube videos are to play smoothly and reliably on any device or computer. But, if the video fails to play after recovery, it means your video is corrupt.

It may be an interrupted internet connection or some corruption in media storage.

Even a power outage may be the reason for video corruption causing damages to the header, sound, and video file frames that fail to play properly.

YouTube is highly efficient; with its laggy issues, the videos fix easily, and downloading videos from YouTube takes less time as it is more effective.

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