Youtube Unsubscribe Bug

Does YouTube Automatically Unsubscribe Users

Youtube removes subscribers that they deem to be “suspicious.” If you meet any factors they consider suspicious, your account may be unsubscribed. Some things that YouTube takes into consideration are whether or not you’re a real person, if you’re using multiple accounts, or if you’re buying subscribers.

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YouTube is a prominent channel with lots of viewers and subscribers. YouTube does not automatically unsubscribe users.

It is a highly used and viewed channel, and the number of subscribers enrolling is in high numbers.

YouTube is serious about its user’s unsubscribing and does not do it automatically.

Youtube Unsubscribe Bug

What does it mean YouTube does not automatically unsubscribe users?

The YouTube channel receives many subscribers daily and does not automatically unsubscribe its users. 

However, for your information, the YouTube policy has framed a new policy: when the users are not using the channel for years or a minimum of 6 months, they are regarded as dead users.

Thus, YouTube deletes their account automatically, and the users get unsubscribed.

YouTube on its own never automatically unsubscribe users. However, there is nothing to worry about, as it does not affect your channel growth or your channel.

Does YouTube unsubscribe users from the channels they are watching?

YouTube is not functioning manually. The operation is by an automated computer system. It is dealing with lots that it is messing up a lot.

Besides, it keeps on updating and changing policies as required, considering user safety, security, and good use.

However, it does not remove the users from watching the channels.

There is the possibility that you notice your subscribers unsubscribe, and the numbers decrease. It may be due to various reasons.

The bots

Sometimes, you may gain a big number of subscribers randomly. Initially, you feel happy. Even if you are doing a giveaway, it ends with getting certain subscribers.

But, it may result in receiving bot subscribers in tons to your channel.

The biggest hit is when you suddenly see almost all the subscribers, and you will realize they were bots, not real subscribers.

You may get free subscribers, but they are hard to be real. They are fake subscribers who do not watch your videos.

The truth is you cannot know the unsubscriber from your channel. It is not always possible to be aware of every person subscribing and unsubscribing.

It is also not easy to focus on this count. It is an ongoing process that you receive subscribe and unsubscribe.

However, when your YouTube channel is in action and going on, YouTube does not automatically unsubscribe the users.

There was a lot of noise that unsubscribing takes place automatically, and when checked upon because of feedback, it is clear that YouTube does not unsubscribe users from channels.

Sometimes,  on the watch page, even with 1000 channel subscription users, the subscribe button behaves inconsistently, shifting to subscribe and unsubscribe.

However, it is not a serious issue as subscribers and unsubscribers both get new content notifications.

Why do I get unsubscribed from YouTube channels?

Youtube has instigated a policy stating that for subscribers who fail to interact actively with a channel they have subscribed to for a particular time or specific period, YouTube will remove them from the channel subscriber.

It means you are unsubscribed from the channels.

Anytime a channel unsubscribes a user, it is working and trying to find the glitch.

YouTube allows trolls to subscribe and unsubscribe repeatedly from channels, and this causes a drop in subscription accounts. 

However, you can who subscribes to your account by logging in to your account, clicking on the menu ‘Audience’, and tapping on the list of ‘Unsubscribers’. You can see the list.

There is no doubt that YouTube unsubscribes people from YouTube channels and does not seek any permission from the user. They do not send any notification, either.

It is a random goodbye by this channel to the user. It is similar to another popular social media platform, and Facebook began unfriending people on Facebook.

They explained that they unfriend you so that you can look for other friends.

However, the same is not the case with YouTube. They do not notify you or seek permission before unsubscribing.

However, YouTube unsubscribes its users when you lay the channel unused for the long term.

If it is an indication that you are not keen on using the channel, then why block the space for no reason?

The user keeps the account idle, which results in being removed from the position of subscribed user.

Does YouTube not take users seriously?

YouTube is a giant platform now, and with so many things happening daily, they are in an awkward position to discuss such topics.

Meanwhile, the creators of YouTube are working continuously and making the content and users secure. They are working tirelessly towards devoted fans to get more subscribers.

These channels have around 1000 subscribers and tons of videos. They cover all types of subjects and draw people to subscriptions.  

Yet sometimes, when users face the trouble of unsubscription, you may check for these things:

Account hacked

Suppose your email data breach has taken place. Check the YouTube account and email. If yes, change the password at the earliest for your safety.

Finally, check if YouTube has you on various channels and allows you to use them without asking you.

Check the extensions

The Unsubscribe option is unavailable with extensions if they change the settings of the browser.

You may disable the browser extension and identify if there is any uninstall problem sending you to random channels.

Remove your browser from shady extensions and look if you find any invisible icons.

There are possibilities that third-party extensions subscribe you without your permission to other channels.

You may install official extensions and avoid such problems. Before installing any extension, get to know what browser settings it is in and the extension changes. I

t is better to be safe than sorry.

Final Thought

If YouTube automatically subscribes to you, the valid reason is that the user has kept the account without using it for a long stretch.

However, it is best to clear the browser cache, disable problematic extensions, and look if some shady extensions are ruling your browser settings.

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