Find Liked Comments on Youtube

How To Find Liked Comments on Youtube?

How to see YouTube comments I’ve liked?

If you want to see the YouTube comments you liked, it is a ‘Sorry.’ You cannot see the YouTube comments that you once liked.

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YouTube comments are the most interesting part as it allows one to express their viewpoints. The importance is in the message you convey.

Find Liked Comments on Youtube

Is it true that the YouTube comments I’ve liked, I cannot see?

Yes, there is no way you can see the YouTube comments I have liked or even the YouTube comments of people who liked your videos. 

It is good either way, as you cannot see or know when you receive a downvote.

YouTube keeps the likes or dislikes of comments private, ensuring the user’s safety and security. However, a safe bet is to leave a positive comment and receive likes.

Is there any way to see the comments I’ve liked?

Yes, nothing was a dead-end route. You could view the comments you liked by going to your profile and clicking on the ‘Liked’ tab.

You could see comments in a list. It also comes with the time and date details when you liked the comments.

However, this facility is not available any longer. It was with the older UI and YouTube few versions that allowed you to click on the screen in the upper right corner of your profile, click on My channel, and reach the feed.

The new UI does not have this feature and does not appear on the screen. You can see your profile, click on My Channel, and select the ‘Liked videos‘ tab.

It will show you the videos that you liked, but you cannot see the comments you liked.

Nevertheless, on the screen right side, you may filter the comments.

Here you get to see all the comments and not the comments that you clicked heart or thumbs up, showing your liking.

The button of like or dislike on comments is now anonymous. It implies YouTube has stopped recording the identity of people whose comments reflect like/dislike.

However, even if YouTube is recording, the information is undercover, not known even to channel owners.

Thus, to see the comments I’ve liked or the ones you liked, you have to revisit the videos manually. You may have to go to the watch history and track each one of them.

Follow these steps

  • Scroll over the username appearing at the top to click on ‘Account’ or Click at the top ‘History
  • On clicking ‘History,’ you can visit each video to know the comments, or the Account section features a comprehensive list.

Is there any direct way to see YouTube comments I’ve liked?

YouTube has not directly provided an option to see the comments that you liked. If you are very keen to know, scroll down each comment.

YouTube UI keeps changing, so keeping track of everything is not easy.

If you want to stay updated, you can do so via notifications.  It is best to ‘view as a user.’ It is a surefire way of viewing. 

YouTube comments are secretive. There is no path showing you who liked your comment on YouTube or even the comment you liked where you gave a thumbs up. 

It is a safe bet, as you never know who gave a downvote to you. It is favorable, as you do not know who liked your video or disliked it.

Are you wondering to know who appreciated your YouTube comment?

It is a pleasure to know your comment receives likes or appreciation on YouTube.  However, you are not lucky.

No one can see who liked the comments on YouTube and who disliked the comment, either.

You cannot see who gave you the like comment on YouTube for you, but you can certainly see the number of likes you have.

YouTube restricts sharing like and dislikes information so that users are safe.  You may go through any controversial video and skim the comments section.

You can see anger and hatred comments that keeping the likes and dislikes anonymous is a smart move by the company. 

YouTube cares for its users’ safety that the anonymity of likes and dislikes carries focus only on the numbers.

However, you can gauge the YouTube community’s liking or dislike in general through the comments or mostly through the likes number you get on your posts.

Are you wondering to know who showed love to your YouTube comments? Yes, it is not only you; most people would love to know.

You are not alone in knowing their good-hearted souls showing liking to their YouTube comments.

YouTube allows commenting on anything, whether you are an artist, a content creator, or a fan, and it is incredibly exciting to get likes on your YouTube comments.

Someone liking your YouTube comments suggests agreeing with your sentiments. It is because they find you are thoughtful, funny, or encouraging.

It is natural for you to have the desire to see the name of the person and to know the place; they belong to on receiving like to your YouTube comment.

But, no, you cannot get any detail of the person, but your likes numbers increase.

Why YouTube comments I’ve liked, I cannot see.

YouTube was a platform founded to allow people to watch videos. Recently, it has transformed into a powerful tool allowing creators to share their visions and ideas.

Right from sporting events to homemade cooking clips to music concerts and live comedy shows, YouTube provides a clear path to self-promotion and creativity.

Comments are indispensable to the YouTube ecosystem. There is no doubt that YouTube comments ‘likes’ mark a big deal and are a social validation playing a crucial role in dictating moods.

Final Thought

YouTube likes have a positive response like any other kind, and human encouragement in the form of like gives a happier and more energized feel. 

The responsiveness differs on receiving a dislike.  In this scenario, it is best if YouTube does not reveal the identity of a person, likes, or dislikes.

Keeping it anonymous upholds the privacy and safety of users.

YouTube does not reveal information as exposing your data may leave you susceptible to blackmail, phishing, or aggressive marketing campaigns.

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